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Is it possible to send form value to an email using Javascript? [closed]

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Hello Everyone!
I want to know if its possible to send form value to email through JavaScript?
This feature I thing should help creating Email powered form with JavaScript.
If possible, can you please give me an example using a JavaScript powered Contact form.
closed with the note: Author does not show the effort put in finding a solution
asked Dec 23, 2016 in JavaScript by JudeTheGeek Friendospherian (210 points)
closed Aug 19 by DanielTheGeek
I don't really understand your question Jude, but if you mean being able to send emails through custom forms then yes it's possible with or without JavaScript.
Please can you give me an Example for each of them? That is, Without Javascript and With Javascript.
I think you mean using JavaScript as in for server side processing or AJAX. Please try to be clearer before I provide an answer.

Your question isn't clear, can you use a scenario to describe what you are aiming to achieve?smiley