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are these neccessary tags in html?

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So I started learning html and css a few days ago courtesty of numerous html&css tutorials I downloaded on youtube, the instructor in the tutorial series I'm learning from now always use this tag '<meta="uft=8> below the <html> tag and in most of his illustrations he keeps skipping <!DOCTYPE HTML> instead he uses <html> directly.

So what I'm saying he's tutorial is the first I've seen that encourages the use of <meta="uft=8> and also the first I;ve seen that skips <!DOCTYPE HTML> when writing html5.

so since he skips them, are they really necessary? because his tutorials are top-notch.
asked Dec 24, 2016 in HTML by Okwyee Q & A Ninja (610 points)

2 Answers

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It's good to follow good code conventions. It is proper to have the doctype declaration in every HTML document as the information is needed by browsers.
The meta tags convey many information about a site and websites like Google have crawlers that use the meta data to provide search results.
The meta charset carries information on the encoding type of a page which is usually utf-8.
answered Dec 26, 2016 by DanielTheGeek Q & A Ninja (1,310 points)
selected Aug 18 by DanielTheGeek
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As a layman i think wat u just needed is <html> open tag </html>close tag and save with .htm or .html extension oparii
answered Dec 25, 2016 by Ahmodu4real89 Friendospherian (310 points)
thanks man and also "lol @ oparii"