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Adobe reader installation problem

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asked Dec 26, 2016 in Softwares by Okwyee Q & A Ninja (610 points)
recategorized Dec 26, 2016 by DanielTheGeek
So I downloaded adobe reader for windows 10 from www.adobe.com, version 11 precisely. If I try installing it an error occurs: 'error 1311. Source file not found: then', 'verify that the file exist and that you can access it'
I don't understand what it means by verify that files exist and that you can access it because the 131mb file I downloaded is there.
Who knows what's amiss or am I missing something?
Or what's a good alternative to adobe reader and how can I install it?

1 Answer

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answered Jan 6 by appcypher Friendospherian (310 points)

In response to your second question, you can try Foxit Reader or Sumatra. Sumatra can open epub, mobi and other types of files as a bonus. smiley

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